General Announcements


Mohammad Taghi Hajiaghayi

Tue/Thu 3:30 - 4:45

CSI 1115


Anu Bandi

Ioana Bercea

Rajesh Chitnis

Vahid Liaghat

*** There would be a discussion session on Mon May 14 from 6pm-8pm at CSIC 2117.

Important Dates:

First Lecture: Jan 26
MidTerm 1: Mar 1
MidTerm 2: Apr 10
Final: May 15, 4-6pm at CHM 1402

IMPORTANT: All the information you need to know about grading, etc, can be found in the



We take the Code of Academic Integrity and the University of Maryland Student Honor Pledge (``I pledge on my honor that I have not given or received any unauthorized assistance on this assignment/examination'') very seriously. For details, see Code and Pledge. Our policy is that ``authorized'' assistance includes talking together about assignments and approaches to them, but *not* writing up with assistance or collaboration on---or with access to another's---actual final materials to hand in.



The following books are the main references:

Intoduction to Algorithms - A Creative Approach, by Udi Manber.

Algorithm Design, by J. Kleinberg and E.Tardos.



There will be two midterms exams and a final exam. If you miss a midterm exam, it will be DROPPED from your grade. THERE WILL BE NO MAKEUP EXAMS!!! See COURSE AGENDA.



Homework assignments will be found on the web. Homeworks are due AT THE START OF CLASS on the day indicated and LATE OR MAKEUP HOMEWORKS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED!!! Graded homeworks will be available for pickup at TA office hours. See COURSE AGENDA.