CMSC 414 Spring 2001
Homework #3
Due at the beginning of class March 1, 2001


The language for the programming assignments is Java- unless other arrangements have been made with the Professor.

The programming assignments MUST zipped together using WinZip or zip(1) into a file named where NNNN are the last four digits of
your student ID. The entire file must be emailed to as an attachment by 11:00 am (start of class) on 3/01/01.

1. Implement the RC4 stream cipher as explained in class, and found in Applied Cryptography (2nd Edition) on page 397. NOTE: This book is on reserve in the CS library.

2. Implement the WEP algorithm as explained in class, and in the handout.

3. Develop an input/output class that uses WEP, and write a demonstration program that encrypts and decrypts a data stream.