CHAN Yuk Hei, Tom 陳旭熙

PhD student, CS UMD


I am a regular user of Vim. It is a great editor with syntax highlighting, macro. I have compiled some tips on using Vim:

Vim Tips and Tricks [pdf] [tex]

Vim Shortcuts for beginners [pdf] [tex]

Other resources include vimtutor, Vim reference card, Vim graphical cheat sheet and Vim tips.


Config file for screen, with nice status bar: [.screenrc]

Config file for pine, with colour: [.pinerc]


I go running when the it's not too hot. There's a few places good for running around Shatin (a town in Hong Kong): along the Shing Mun river, the promenade just outside CUHK and the catchwater that leads to the Kowloon reservoir (part of the Wilson trail stage 5).

I participated in the HK Marathon: 10km (2007) and half marathon (2008, 2009). It's tough, but is also a good cause for me to practice even it's cold outside.