Yue Jiang
Department of Computer Science, University of Maryland
Office: Room 3220
A.V. Williams Bldg.
8223 Paint Branch Dr.
College Park, MD 20742
Email: yuejiang [at] cs.umd.edu

I am an undistinguished student luckly accepted by my incredibly brilliant and nice supervisor Prof. Matthias Zwicker as a PhD student in the Computer Graphics Group, University of Maryland, College Park.
Before joining UMD, I got my bachelor degree in Computer Science Specialist with a Mathematics Major from University of Toronto. All the courses I have taken at University of Toronto can be found here.
I am from Nanjing, a very beautiful city in the east of China, which has served as the capital of China for ten times in the history of China, but ended up being famous for various tragedies including Nanking Massacre.

photo taken in my senior high school (2010).


ORC Layout: Adaptive GUI Layout with OR-Constraints
Yue Jiang, Ruofei Du, Christof Lutteroth, Wolfgang Stuerzlinger
the ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI), 2019


  •        Ph.D in Computer Science @ University of Maryland, College Park
    Sept. 2018 -                     
    College Park, Maryland, US Supervisor: Prof. Matthias Zwicker

  • Honors Bachelor of Science in Computer Science Specialist and Mathematics Major (High Distinction) @ University of Toronto
    Sept. 2014 - Aug. 2018
    Toronto, Ontario, Canada Supervisor: Prof. Gerald Penn

  • Got admitted by Telecommunication Engineering @ Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications
    Nanjing, P. R. China
    (Special thanks to this university for accepting this average student before Chinese College Entrance Examinations)
    This is a wonderful university in my lovely hometown. I chose to quit this industry-focus university just because I had a dream to try academia. Maybe as a non-top student, it is too far away, but at least I want to have a try. May all my classmates have a bright future.

Professional Experience

  • Software Engineer @ Intel Corporation May 2017 - Apr. 2018
    San Jose, California, US

Teaching Experience

  • Teaching Assistant, CMSC427 Computer Graphics (UMD) Aug. 2018 - Dec. 2018
  • Teaching Assistant, CSC263 Data Structures and Analysis (UofT) Jan. 2017 - Apr. 2017
  • Teaching Assistant, CSC263 Data Structures and Analysis (UofT) Sept. 2016 - Dec. 2016
  • Teaching Assistant, CSC165: Mathematical Expression and Reasoning for Computer Science (UofT) Jan. 2016 - Apr. 2016

My Name

    My first name is the combination of my mother's last name and "the Moon" which has the same pronunciation as "the Moon" in Chinese and my last name is "river". So my full name is "the Moon over the river"
    In China, "the Moon over the river" is widely used in peoms to express the emotion that although we cannot live together with our family, we can still share the same Moon at night and the Moon over the river can always send the best wishes to the ones we love!
    I hope all the families can have more chance to reunite. If it cannot be realized, I hope the Moon over the river can really help us send the best wishes.


    I appreciate everyone who helped me or encouraged me throughout my life!
    Special thanks to all my friends in China, Canada, and the US, all the professors who supported me in Canada, especially, Prof. Faith Ellen, Prof. Gerald Penn, Prof. Sam Toueg, Prof. Wolfgang Stuerzlinger, Prof. Francois Pitt, and also two special professors Prof. Hui Huang and Prof. Alla Sheffer, who gave me encouragements when I was in a difficult time but I have never met. I hope I will have chance to meet them and say "Thank you!" to them one day in the future.
    "Be strong and be optimistic. There are many many ways and solutions, only if you open up your eyes and your heart more widely! Remember that 'A loss may turn out to be a gain'."    (A piece of encouragement given by Prof. Hui Huang)
    As for my supervisor Prof. Matthias Zwicker, my gratitude is beyond words.

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