Zia Khan

Office: Biomolecular Biosciences Building Room 3113

(my first name) (at) cs.umd.edu
Primary Office: BSB 3113, Dial 032 at Call Box
Primary Phone: (301) 405-7395
Fax: (301)314-1341
Alternate Office: AVW 3223
Alternate Phone: (301)405-7395
Mailing Address:
Rm. 1103, A. V. Williams Bldg. (115)
8223 Paint Branch Dr.
College Park, MD 20742, USA

My group is interested in developing computational approaches to better understand how and when genetic variation leads to variation in gene regulation, both within and across species. Our research, we hope, will better inform studies of complex human traits, such as susceptibility to disease. We are primarily a computational group, but we also collaborate closely with others to develop novel algorithms and analyze large-scale, quantitative genomic, proteomic and imaging data sets.