Dual-domain Filtering

Claude Knaus1 Matthias Zwicker1
1Computer Graphics Group, University of Bern

In SIAM Journal of Imaging Science, 8(3), 2015

Visualization of dual-domain filter (DDF) kernels for several iteration. For the visualization we zero-pad the windows to match the largest window size at the last iteration (rightmost column). Over the iterations (left to right), the DDF kernels more and more accurately capture detailed image structures, even at low contrast.


We propose dual-domain filtering, an image processing paradigm that couples spatial domain with frequency domain filtering. Our dual-domain defined filter removes artifacts like residual noise of other image denoising methods and compression artifacts. Moreover, iterating the filter achieves state-of-the-art image denoising results, but with a much simpler algorithm than competing approaches. The simplicity and versatility of the dual-domain filter makes it an attractive tool for image processing.

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