For this project you will create a webpage about your major. It will look very similar to the example, shown here.

Warning: This project requires a significant amount of time. Please start working on the project early. Office hours get busy during the few days before the project is due, and you may not get the help you need if you wait too long. As always, we will not grant project extensions due to technical problems on your end.




To submit your project, follow these steps:

  1. Create a zip file that includes seven files:
    • proj2.html
    • proj2.css
    • The four images of historical figures
    • The image you used to create the background
  2. Upload the zip file using the submit server available at: https://submit.cs.umd.edu/. Make sure you select the submit server entry (Project #2) that corresponds to this project.
  3. After submitting your project, make sure you download from the submit server the submitted file and verify that what you have submitted is correct. Important: you must uncompress (extract) what you download from the submit server, otherwise you will not see images that are part of your project. We will not accept projects sent via e-mail.

Academic Integrity

Please make sure you read the academic integrity section of the syllabus so you understand what is permissible in our projects. We want to remind you that we check your project against other students' projects and any case of academic dishonesty will be referred to the University's Office of Student Conduct.

Web Accessibility