CMSC 412: Operating Systems

Fall 2015

Instructor Neil Spring
Email nspring@cs (put 412 in the subject)
Office 4133 A. V. Williams
Office Hours TBA (send email to make an appointment)
Lecture Classroom CSIC 1121
Lecture Meets Tuesday and Thursday, 11-12:15
Discussion Classroom CSIC 1121
Discussion Meets Monday and Wednesday, 12-12:150 or 1-1:50
Syllabus pdf
TAs Frank Cangialosi, Eric Jeney, Brendan Rowan, Ian Sweet
Office hours TBA in AVW 4103; Ian TTh 12:30-1:30, Eric W 2-4,
Forum on Piazza


See also piazza.

Optional Section Monday 8/31: Review of 216 topics, optional for those confident in their C and systems programming skills. See the homework assignments (216 prep and unix prep) on the homework site for a relevant refresher. See also my videos for 216 topics for some depth on individual topics.


(Should require umd central authentication for box access)

Lecture Buffer

Homework and Quiz Reviews

The homework site.


Setting up your build environment

Partially configured virtual machine. Get the password in class. You will need to install git, at least. Other linux virtual machines are possible.

We recommend you use your own machine for the projects.

Setup instructions for QEMU and the build environment for GeekOS are below:


Midterm Exams

Tuesday, Oct 13 11am
Thursday, Nov 19 11am

Final Exam

Monday, December 14 8:00-10:00am

Review Vocabulary

Review Vocabulary from 2009

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