Welcome to Computational Linguistics I!


This course will introduce statistical approaches to a wide variety of challenging problems in both Natural Language Processing and Computational Linguistics. Computational linguistics (CL) is the science of doing what linguists do with language, but using computers. Natural language processing (NLP) is the engineering discipline of doing what people do with language, but using computers. We will discover that processing human languages is challenging for computers because it is highly ambiguous. We will study the techniques, models and algorithms that enable us to deal with this ambiguity, both for modeling language and for building useful applications.


When & where

Tuesday/Thursday 2:00pm--3:15pm
CSI 1121


Marine Carpuat
Office hours: Wed 2-3pm, A.V.Williams 3157


Ahmed Elgohary
Office hours: Wed 12-1pm, CLIP lab (AVW 3126)
Xing Niu
Office hours: Mon 3-4pm, CLIP lab (AVW 3126)

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If you're a registered student, send a private post to instructors on Piazza. If not, email.

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