This guide assumes you have Ruby running on your machine.
Each line is a seperate command.

OCaml Installation:

Please read carefully the instructions before excuting the commands:

  1. Get the brew package manager:
  2. Install Ocaml(4-6 min):
  3. brew install ocaml
  4. Install OPAM(1-2 min):
  5. brew install opam
  6. Initialize OPAM
  7. opam init
  8. Configure your .bashsrc (THESE ARE BACK TICKS):
  9. eval `opam config env`
  10. Install Ocamlfind and when prompted hit 'y' (without the quotes):
  11. opam install ocamlfind
  12. Install oUnit and when prompted hit 'y' (without the quotes):
  13. opam install ounit
  14. Navigate into the project folder:
  15. cd project_directory
  16. You are ready to hit make:
  17. make
  18. Now run the tests:
  19. ./public.native

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