Introduction to Cryptology - MATH/CMSC 456

Fall 2017


Instructor: Samuel Ranellucci,
Office: 3269 A.V. Williams Building, Thurday 1:pm-4:00pm.
TA: Aaron Hall,; Monday Chen Zhao, Tuesday 1:00pm-3pm

Goal of course

The primary goal of this class is to enable students to understand cryptographic protocols and evaluate their security. In order to achieve this goal, the students will be instructed to understand

Important information

Course slides and powerpoints

Introduction to cryptology PDF PPT
Perfect security PDF PPT
Lessons from history PDF PPT
Symmetric-key encryption PDF PPT
Symmetric-key encryption (part 2) PDF PPT
Block_cipher_encryption_modes PDF PPT
Computational authentication PDF PPT
Authenticated Encryption PDF PPT
Hash Function PDF PPT
Group theory PDF PPT
Homework 2 solutions, Group theory (part 2) PDF PPT
Quiz 2, Computational assumptions PDF PPT
public_key_part_1 PDF PPT
public_key_part_2 PDF PPT
Identification scheme PDF PPT


Homework #1 solutions
Homework #2solutions