CMSC 434 - Section 0201 - Fall 2018
Introduction to Human-Computer Interaction

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Reminder: The Final Exam is Saturday, December 15th at 1:30PM in AJC 2121

List of topics before the midterm and list of topics since around the midterm.
The main focus will be on the material since the midterm, but there are some earlier topics that provide important foundations for that, and we have seen and done more with prototyping, so it is possible that questions about things such as those can appear on the final exam.
Example Question Styles and Topics


11/30: Phase 4 is posted.

11/28: Homework #4 has been posted.

11/12: A reminder that presentations start on Wednesday, and that my plan is to spend the class time after the presentations each day discussing an HCI topic. For example, we began the topic of information representation in class today, but will continue to discuss it on Wednesday this week and also a little on Monday next week.

11/07: Phase 3 Details are posted.

11/01: A reminder that there is a link to a short-ish (6 minutes) video in the homework 3 description page where I talk a little bit more about the heuristic evaluation and how we are using it in this assignment.

10/26: Homework #3 has been posted.

10/02: Phase 2 Details are posted. There is a Phase 2.1 due soon, and then the longer-term Phase 2.2 (where work on Phase 2.2 might not start until after the midterm exam).

10/01: Please look through Getting to Know Users and Their Tasks as a follow-up from our discussions of user and task centered design. In particular, think about why it is important to avoid the illusory customer when we are designing a product and/or product feature.

10/01: Homework #2 has been posted.

09/05: Homework #1 has been posted.

08/28: The project overview as well as the Phase 1 details have been posted. We will be forming teams in class next Wednesday, so please review these before class that day.

08/27: If you would be interested in being a note-taker for ADS students in this course, please view this document.

08/26: The first reading for class is now posted on ELMS. The easiest way to access it is probbly to log into ELMS and then click the reading link above.

08/10: Information will appear here (and the sidebar links will become active) as the semester gets closer to starting. For now, I encourage you to jot down a note each time you interact with an interface that frustrates you in some way.

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