M.C. Escher Woodcut: Circle Limit III

CMSC 420 - 0201
Data Structures
Fall 2019
Dave Mount

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Description, properties, and storage allocation functions of data structures including balanced binary trees, B-Trees, hash tables, skiplists, tries, kd-Trees and quadtrees. Algorithms for manipulating structures. Applications from areas such as string processing, computer graphics, information retrieval, computer networks, computer vision, and operating systems.

Class Time

Tue, Thu 11:00am-12:15pm, ESJ 1224.

Course Staff

Name Role Contact
Dave Mount Instructor mount@umd.edu, IRB 4162
Hong-Min Chu Graduate TA hmchu@cs.umd.edu
Andrew Frock Undergrad TA acfrock@umd.edu
Hunter Klamut Undergrad TA hunterk0212@gmail.com
Abhishek Kumar Graduate TA akumar09@umd.edu
Shuhao Tan Graduate TA shuhao@umd.edu
Joseph Wobus Undergrad TA jwobus@gmail.com

Office Hours

If you cannot make the scheduled office hours, please feel free to contact any of us by email to set up a time. We all allocate one hour per week for unscheduled office hours.

10-11am IRB 1266 Hong-Min
1-2pm IRB 4162 Dave
6-7pm (online) Hunter
1-2pm IRB 1266 Abhishek
4-6pm IRB 1266 Andrew
11-12n IRB 1266 Hong-Min
6-7pm (online) Hunter
1-2pm IRB 1266 Abhishek
2-3pm IRB 1266 Shuhao
3-4pm IRB 4162 Dave
11am-1pm IRB 1266 Joseph
2-3pm IRB 1266 Shuhao

Hunter will be holding his office hours online using Google hangout. To get yourself on the online office-hour queue, email Hunter at some point during the week about participating in online office hours, and he will add you the queue. The queue can be viewed in this Google Doc.

At 6pm on Monday and Wednesday, Hunter will initiate a Google Hangout with the first person in the queue. The available time will be divided evenly among the people who have signed up.


Important class announcements will be made through Piazza. Once class has started, I'll send invitations to join the system.