CMSC 420, Section 0301 - Data Structures

Fall 2019


3 Oct 2019
1. The homework assignment 4 has been posted.
2. You will be able to get assignment 4 back on the day after the due day, in order to review for the mid-term exam.
30 Sep 2019
1. There will be no office hours on Tuesday, October 2. Normal office hours will resume on Tuesday, October 9. - Hanan Samet
2. I am aware that some of you have not finished the project. As I mentioned a number of times in class, my goal is for you to complete the project. Thus you need to get it working. I will accept late projects with a penalty of a "number of points per class meeting day of lateness". Please do not try to figure out if its worth it. If you are on the borderline in your final grade, then I will take the late penalty into account in your favor. Good luck on the project as remember that you must have insert and delete working in order to complete part 4 of the project. - Hanan Samet
3. Note that the office hours of the TA do not change.
26 Sep 2019
1. A clarification on representations in input/output data of the project has been posted on piazza.
24 Sep 2019
1. Homework assignment 3 as well as the last part of the project has been posted.
2. Reminder: the 3rd part of the project is due at 11:59 pm on September 29th.
16 Sep 2019
1. This is how the 2nd part of the project is evaluated.
2. Since the first two parts were finished, please start to work on the remaining parts.
3. Reminder: the 2nd homework assignment is due on September 19th.
9 Sep 2019
1. The operation codes defined in the enhanced project description are different from that in the original description. This is the clarification.
5 Sep 2019
1. The remaining parts of the project should be submitted via grace. Please test whether you can do submission.
2. Reminder: the 2nd part of the project (the command decoder) is due on Sep 12th.
3 Sep 2019
1. The copies of the 1st-part project solution were distributed during the class, which is the basis of the following parts. Please contact the TA if you did not receive one.
2. This week you are going to implement the command decoder, i.e., the 2nd part of the project. Please submit it to the grace server before 11:59 pm on the due date.
3. This is how the 1st part of the project is evaluated.
4. Reminder: the first homework assignment is due on September 5th.
29 Aug 2019
1. To the students who missed the first lecture: please email the TA if you have any questions.
2. Try the applets now! If they still do not work on your laptop, please ask the TA for help. (Here is the information about Browser and Java Settings.)
3. The first homework assignment and the first part of the course project are different assignments, and thus have different due dates. This may help you understand the requirements of the first part of the project.
4. Detailed introductions to circular queues discussed in class could be found here or at Wikipedia.
5. You can find the TA in either Room 4112 or the area for CMSC420 on the 1st floor of the IRB buidling, during office hours.
27 Aug 2019
1. Homework assignments as well as the project description are now available on this page.
2. Please submit homework and the 1st part of the project in hard copies to the TA before the class meeting on the due dates.
3. Here are some notes about questions proposed in class.
4. Someone left a USB shaped converter in the 3rd row of the classroom. Please come to IRB 4112 to get it back if it is yours.
21 Aug 2019
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