2 Midterm - Oct 15

For the upcoming midterm, a good source of practice material is UPenn’s software foundations course:

CIS 500

In general, ignore any reference to "informal proofs", that will not be asked as we have not really focused on that in class. Some of the material regarding Imp will be covered in the next couple of weeks, so keep that in mind. You can safely ignore any multiple choice questions not covered in class.

The following are a few selected exercises from past midterms that resemble what I could ask:

In particular, there will be no questions about:
  • Equivalent IMP programs

  • Hoare Triples

. IMP-related questions can only include things like "Extend the evaluation relation/function with feature X", just like problems 4 and 5 from 17fa-mid2, but NOT the subquestions that deal with Hoare triples.