es DRAFT--Computer Architecture - CMSC 411, Fall 2020  
University of Maryland

CMSC 411 Computer Architecture, Fall 2020

Current Announcements
  • Welcome to the Fall, 2020 edition of CMSC411, an on-line version of the Computer Architecture class that covers the same material as in prior semesters, but all of the coursework and grading assessments are on-line. We will let you know when this document is no longer a draft.
  • The CMSC411 ELMS/Canvas page is your exclusive source for essential course information, TA office hours, and additional course resources EXCEPT for announcements, questions, answers and discussions.
  • We prefer to answer all course-related questions on piazza to give all students equal access to all information. This policy is extremely important when there are no scheduled on-campus meetings.
  • The course syllabus contains more information regarding course procedures and content, including a discussion of relevant University Policies.
Course Essentials
  • Lectures: no live or in-person lectures.
  • Instructor: Michelle Hugue 
  • Email: 
  • Office: 1250 IRBs 
  • Hours: Remote (TBD) 
  • Required Provided Book: Since the Hennessy and Patterson book, while correct, is often difficult to understand, we will suggest that you read the indicated chapters in Computer Architecture   which focus on the key concepts associated with each topic that we cover.
  • Recommended Book: Computer Architecture: A Quantatitive Approach, 5ed by John Hennessy and David Patterson is often recommended for this course For your convenience, we will supply course notes making the less expensive 4th edition an option. (see 4th ed )  for your convenience.
  • Other books : visit elms( getting started)   for book excerpts and sources of less expensive e-books.
  • Course Content
    • Syllabus on Elms
    • Regular grading events: Self Quizzes, our extremely short on-line autograded quiz, about one per week, with at least 2 dropped. (10%)
    Major Scheduled Grading Events
    • Short Tests, available by noon on start day, submitted to gradescope by 11:59pm the next day. Start days: 9/23, 10/7, 10/21, 11/5, 11/19, 12/10 (90% best 5 of 6 ).

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