1 What is a Compiler?

    2 From OCaml to Racket

    3 Abscond: a language of numbers

    4 Agreement: a language of numbers between friends

    5 Blackmail: incrementing and decrementing

    6 Con: branching with conditionals

    7 Dupe: a duplicity of types

    8 Extort: when errors exist

    9 Fraud: local binding and variables

    10 Refactoring the Compiler

    11 Grift: binary operations

    12 Hustle: heaps and lists

    13 Iniquity: function definitions and calls

    14 Jig: jumping to tail calls

    15 Knock: first-class function (pointers)

    16 Using Graphviz/dot to visualize our AST

    17 Loot: lambda the ultimate

    18 Shakedown: Calling functions C functions