CMSC 389E:
Digital Logic Design Through Minecraft

  • Fall 2021
  • Instructors: Akilesh Praveen, Dhanvee Ivaturi
  • F 12:00-12:50 CSI 2107

Announcements and Q/A will happen via Piazza. Projects will be submitted/graded through the UMD CS submit server or ELMS. Grading will be handled through ELMS.

Students are expected to watch or attend weekly lecture. Resources that will help you with the conceptual material and projects will be available in the 'Resources & Reading' column. If you are unfamiliar with material or need a review, please feel free to schedule office hours with either instructor through Discord.

Week Lecture & Reading Project Resources & Videos
1 Introduction & Logistics slides
Redstone Basics c1.3
Tutorial Island (Or Desert) - Due 9/15 pdf Minecraft & Redstone Basics, Project 0 Demo video
Setup/Installation link
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2 Logic Gates slides
NOT - The Inverter c2.1
AND and NAND c2.2
The Exclusive Or c2.4
Logical Complements c2.5
Importance of NAND c2.6
Arithmetic Logic Unit- Logic Gates pdf Logic Gates in Minecraft video
Buses in Minecraft video
Making a Full Adder in Minecraft video
3 Adders slides Making a Full Adder in Minecraft video
4 Encoders/Decoders slides
5 Multipliers & Iterative Algorithms slides Arithmetic Logic Unit- Adders & Multipliers pdf Structure Blocks Tutorial video
6 Midterm Week! Study for the Midterm!
7 Midterm Review & Introduction to Memory slides Finishing the ALU pdf Decoders in Minecraft video
Output Bus in Minecraft video
10 RAM, Clock, Program Counter slides Clock And Program Counter pdf starter world Program Counter & Clock in Minecraft video