Introduction to quantum information processing (CMSC 657, Fall 2022): Project


For the course project, you should write an expository paper on a topic of your choice from the quantum information literature. Your goal should be to understand a new concept in quantum information by reading original sources, and then to communicate this concept clearly and concisely. You should aim to cover a topic from your own perspective, not just to summarize a single paper. Your target audience should be your fellow students in the course. If you would like to do some original research as part of your project, this is very much encouraged, but not required.

In early October, you should write a project proposal that includes a one-paragraph summary of your topic, a timeline for exploring it, and a list of selected references. This should show that you have thought about your topic and have a clear picture of what you plan to cover in your paper. Before writing your proposal, you are encouraged to discuss possible topics with the course staff during office hours.

You should also write a project progress report in early November. This should include a refined version of your proposal (including an updated timeline), followed by a partial draft of material you plan to include in the final paper, showing that you have made progress in exploring the topic. This report should be no more than five pages in length (not counting references).

Your final paper should be at most ten pages in length (not counting references), using at least 11-point fonts and at least 1-inch margins. You should prepare your paper using LaTeX; you might use this template (illustrating a few basic commands) to get started.

Deadlines and grading

All submissions should be made on Gradescope.


The following is a list of possible project topics. This list is far from complete, and is only intended as a starting point for you to explore your options. Some of these topics are broad, so you may want to focus on one particular aspect. You should feel free to choose a topic that is not on this list.