CMSC414: Computer and Network Security

Spring 2014, Section 0201

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People, places, times

Class time & place Tu/Th 12:30-1:45, CSIC 1122
Instructor Dave Levin
  • Office hours: Wednesday 2-3pm
  • 4131 A.V. Williams
Teaching assistants Samah Ramadan
  • Office hours: Wednesday 10am-12pm
Gabriel Hollies
  • Office hours: Monday 11am-1pm

TA office hours are held in 4103 AVW

Course info

Official course description An introduction to the topic of security in the context of computer systems and networks. Identify, analyze, and solve network-related security problems in computer systems. Fundamentals of number theory, authentication, and encryption technologies, as well as the practical problems that have to be solved in order to make those technologies workable in a networked environment, particularly in the wide-area Internet environment.
Textbooks There are no required texts. See the resources page for recommendations, and the schedule for papers and handouts.
Final exam time Tuesday, May 20, 1:30pm-3:30pm (CSI 1122 - normal class location)

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