CMSC 451: Design and Analysis of Algorithms

Spring 2015

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5/17 Solution to dictionary problem
5/10 Final review problems.
4/29 Homework 7 has been posted, due 5/7 at the beginning of class.
4/21 Homework 6 has been posted, due 4/28 at the beginning of class.
4/14 Network flow slides have been posted.
4/8 Homework 5 solutions
Practice problem solutions
4/7 Quiz 2 solutions
Practice problems
4/2 The proof of Hall's theorem has been posted, as have notes on matchings.
3/31 Homework 5 has been posted, due 4/7 at the beginning of class.
3/31 The second midterm will be held on April 9, during class hours(5-6:15 PM), in CSIC 1115.
3/21 Homework 4 has been posted.
2/25 The 4-5pm office hours tomorrow (2/26) will be held by Samir in AVW4175.
2/24 Homework 3 has been posted. Also, notes on scheduling are up.
2/16 Homework 2 is now due on Thursday, 2/19.
2/10 Homework 2 has been posted.
2/10 Notes on Menger's Theorem, properties of DFS, and Strongly Connected Components have been posted.
1/31 If you are having trouble signing up for the class' Piazza page, send Jessica email.
1/22 Welcome to CMSC451! Sign up for Piazza here.

General Course Information

Room and Time: 2117 Computer Science Instruction Center
Tu Th, 5:00 - 6:15pm
Instructors: Jessica Chang (jschang at cs) and Samir Khuller (samir at cs)
TAs: Kanthi Sarpatwar (email: kasarpa at cs) and Meir Friedenberg (email: meir at terpmail)
Office Hours: Jessica or Samir: Tu Th 4-5pm, AVW 4103 (or AVW 4175)
Kanthi: M 2-4pm, Tu 1-2pm, AVW 4103
Meir: W 3:15-5:15pm, Th 11am-noon, AVW 4103

Course Description

This course presents the fundamental techniques for designing efficient computer algorithms, proving their correctness, and analyzing their complexity. General topics include graph algorithms, and basic algorithm design paradigms (such as divide-and-conquer, dynamic programming and greedy algorithms), lower bounds and NP-completeness.

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