CMSC 451: Design and Analysis of Algorithms

Spring 2015

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Homeworks will be due at the beginning of class on the due date. Late homeworks will not be accepted, so turn in whatever you have done. You are required to do all of the problems; however, for each problem set, we may choose a random subset of problems to grade.

Homework 7, due 5/7 at the beginning of class.
Homework 6, due 4/28 at the beginning of class.
Homework 5, due 4/7 at the beginning of class. Solutions.
Homework 4, due 3/31 in class.
Homework 3, due 3/3 in class.
Homework 2, due 2/17 2/19 in class.
Homework 1, due 2/5 in class.
Article 1: How Game Theory Helped Improve New York City's High School Application Process
Article 2: Thousands of Med Students Are About To Have Their Fates Determined By An Algorithm
Article 3: Fixing the Match: How to Play the Game

Exams and Quizzes


Course Reading

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Grading Allocation (subject to change):

Homeworks (best 6 of 7)20%
Midterms (2)40%
Final exam30%

You will be responsible for all material covered and assigned in class. It is also your responsibility to make sure that you pick up all homeworks and handouts. All course information and homeworks will be available on the web page. Solutions to homeworks will be given out in class.

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