About this class

The key goal of this class is to introduce students on the concepts, ideas and algorithms related to vision for robotics, focusing on three main areas:

Background material will be provided for students to get acquainted with fundamental results and findings as well as state of the art advances in these areas. Through a combination of lectures, homeworks and projects, students should, at the end of the course, have a deeper appreciation of robotic vision, its challenges and the knowledge to pursue further research in robotics and other related fields.


Policies on grades, homeworks, exams and projects will be posted here soon.

This class is a qualifying course in the VG (Visual and Geometric Computing) area.


Main topics that are to be covered with supporting materials are listed here. Topics may change throughout the course, so check back here often. Slides will be posted a week (2 classes in advance). Students are expected to go through the required readings prior to class.

Important deadlines

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