CMSC298P: Prototyping and Fabrication of Cyberphysical System



It a 2 credit hour course that meets Friday 1-4pm in Sandbox (CSIC 3107) for first 10 weeks of the semester.


There will be no tests/exams. You will have to design, document, and demo a number of projects utilizing the techniques covered in this course. Some of the projects will be team projects. If you already know a topic being covered, you will be responsible for assisting others to learn that topic. There will be few if any lectures; the instructor will act in more of a coach and office hours role.


CMSC 216, ENEE245, ENME 350, or ARTT 370, or permission of the instructor.

Class notes

  • March 3rd shopping list
  • March 17th progress report (due by March 20th)
  • March 31st class notes
  • March 31st progress report, due April 3rd
  • Possible topics (we probably won’t be able to cover all of this)

    Getting started with Adafruit Circuit Playground and the Arduino IDE (about 6 hours, max)

    Electrical components

    Physical prototyping

    Generative art

    Makespace tools

    ESP8266 boards

    Industrial strength embedded systems (just enough to let you know what we haven’t covered)

    Web Accessibility