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CMSC 433 Spring 2017

Programming Language Technologies and Paradigms

Course Schedule


Below is a list of lecture topics by date, as well as midterm, exam and project-due dates. The schedule is provisional and subject to change. In the readings list, "JCIP" refers to the recommended text, Java Concurrency in Practice. Materials for each lecture, including slides and source code, are also available.




Projects Due


Th 01/26

Course intro


JCIP Ch. 1

Tu 01/31

Basic concurrency: processes, threads, scheduling


JCIP Ch. 1

Th 02/02

Testing concurrent programs


JCIP Ch. 11

Tu 02/07

Thread safety: interference, data races, locks, atomicity

JCIP Ch. 2

Th 02/09

Synchronization: locking protocols, deadlock

P0 due 02/10

JCIP Ch. 2, 10.1

Tu 02/14

Synchronization: atomicity, visibility


JCIP Ch. 3

Th 02/16

Sharing objects: publication, thread and stack confinement


JCIP Ch. 3

Tu 02/21

Sharing objects: thread locality, mutability vs. immutability

JCIP Ch. 3

Th 02/23

Object composition: thread safety, Java Monitor Pattern

P1 due 02/24

JCIP Ch. 4

Tu 02/28

Object composition: state dependency, suspension, notification


JCIP Ch. 14.1-14.3

Th 03/02

Concurrent collections: hash maps, array lists, queues


JCIP Ch. 5

Tu 03/07


JCIP Ch. 5

Th 03/09

Tasks and task execution

P2 due 03/10

JCIP Ch. 6

Tu 03/14




Th 03/16



Tu 03/21




Th 03/23




Tu 03/28

Thread pools


JCIP Ch. 8

Th 03/30

Parallelization of loops, recursion (1)


JCIP Ch. 8, 11

Tu 04/04

Parallelization of loops, recursion (2)


JCIP Ch. 8, 11

Th 04/06

Fork-join parallelism


Lecture notes

Tu 04/11

The actor framework for distributed computing

Lecture notes

Th 04/13

Actors and akka in Java

P3 due 04/14

Lecture notes

Tu 04/18

Programming with actors in akka

Lecture notes

Th 04/20



Lecture notes

Tu 04/25


Lecture notes

Th 04/27

The Java Memory Model (1)

P4 due 04/28

JCIP Ch. 16

Tu 05/02

The Java Memory Model (2)


JCIP Ch. 16

Th 05/04

Non-blocking algorithms: compare-and-swap, atomic classes


JCIP Ch. 15

Tu 05/09

Non-blocking algorithms: stacks and queues


Lecture notes

Th 05/11


P5 due 05/12


M 05/15

FINAL (8 am -- 10 am)




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