CMSC 216-010X-020X

Larry Herman


Course syllabus

All other course materials are available to registered students, and the first five students on the waitlist for each section, on the course ELMS page.

Here is some elaboration regarding a common question that arises around the beginning of the semester. I do not have any authority to let students into the course or to open more seats in the course. The CMSC department handles these issues and instructors in the CMSC department do not have any ability to give waivers to the department policies, and are not able to give permission for students to get into the course or sections that are full. If you have questions about getting into the course and you are already a CMSC major you should ask your academic advisor. If you don't have an academic advisor yet, or if you're not a CMSC major, ask the CMSC undergraduate office (their contact info is at https://undergrad.cs.umd.edu/).

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