Package foodManagement

Interface Summary
Listable Objects that implement this interface (and are immutable)can be put into a SortedListOfImmutables.

Class Summary
Entree An IMMUTABLE class that represents a list of food and a name.
Food An IMMUTABLE class that represents an item that might be part of an entree in a restaurant.
GUIDriver Run the main method in this class to try out the Graphical User Interface
Restaurant The Restaurant has a name (String), a menu (list of Entrees), an inventory (list of Food), and an amount of cash on hand, measured in pennies (int) This class facilitates orders being placed, deliveries being made to the inventory, and entrees being added to the menu.
SortedListOfImmutables A SortedListOfImmutables represents a sorted collection of immutable objects that implement the Listable interface.

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