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» Programming in Prolog [material]
» Project 4 - Maze Solver in Prolog [projects]
» Parsing and CFGs [material]
» Project 3 - CEKaml Interpreter [projects]
» A refresher on the CEK machine [material]


Room: CSIC 1122
Time: MTuWTh (Lectures): 2:30PM - 3:50PM
  Friday (Recitation): 2:30PM - 3:50PM

Discussions will mainly be held on Piazza. Please send email to the instructors if you have not been invited to the course. More information about logistics and grading can be found in the syllabus.


Name Office Email Office Hours
Kristopher Micinski CISC 1122 Thursday 1:30-2:30PM
Aditya Acharya TA Room Tuesday 4-5:30PM
Casey Mihaloew TA Room Wednesday 4-5:30PM

Please include the subject line CMSC330 in your emails to the course

Upcoming Deadlines

AssignmentDue Date
Project 4 - Maze Solver in Prolog