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CMSC 250:Discrete Structures

Summer 2016

Newton's Binomial Theorem


General Information

CMSC 250 is the first Theory-heavy course in our undergraduate curriculum. We will be covering a variety of topics (see syllabus for a full list). Our major focus will be on Logic, Formal proofs, Induction and Combinatorics. A requirement for CS majors, 250 is a major stepping stone for 351 and 451 ("Algorithms" and "Design & Analysis of Algorithms" respectively), as well as an introduction to subjects discussed more at depth in courses such as 421 (Artificial Intelligence), 430 (Intro to Compilers), 452 (Elementary Theory of Computation), 456 (Cryptology) and 475 (Combinatorics & Graph Theory). It should therefore be clear that it provides the mathematical/theoretical background necessary for a successful career as a student, developer, researcher or teacher of Computer Science!

Our summer section will run from 05-31 to 07-22, with a break on Monday, 07-04 for Independence Day celebrations. All students are expected to read the syllabus very carefully to educate themselves about our policy with regard to religious observances and other forms of excused absences. Some important elements of the syllabus follow:


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