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1 Preparation
2 Practice exams





Midterm, July 17, 10-11am



Final Exam, July 26, 10am-noon



1 Preparation

Lectures: You should be knowledgeable of all material covered in lecture before the exam.

Labs: You should be comfortable with all material covered in labs. Labs serve to develop the skills tested on the exams, so revisiting labs in preparation for the exams is a good idea.

Textbook: You should have studied all the material in the textbook assigned in preparation for all assignments due before an exam.

Practice Exams: You should practice for the exam, which is time-intensive, by taking the practice exams in an environment similar to the exam (timed, quiet). After working through the practice exam, compare your results to the solution sets. Study, practice, and iterate on the things you got wrong or gave you a difficult time.

2 Practice exams

Practice exams are a realistic representation of what the actual exams will be like. The instructions will be the same. The length will be similar. The formatting and style of questions will be similar.

Practice exams also come with solutions. The recommended method for studying with a practice exam is to take the practice exam without consulting the solution and then check your work against the solution and drill on any areas that need improvement.