PhD Alumni

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Last First Graduation Year Dissertation Advisor(s)
Eom Hyeonsang 2003 Improving link-state routing Ashok Agrawala
Erol Kutluhan 1995 Hierarchical Task-Network Planning Systems: Formalization, Analysis, and Implementation Dana Nau
Esfandiari Hossein 2017 Allocations in Large Markets  Mohammad Hajiaghayi
Esperanca Claudio 1995 Orthogonal objects and their application in spatial databases Hanan Samet
Evett Matthew 1994 PARKA: A System for Massively Parallel Knowledge Representation
Fails Jerry 2009 Mobile Collaboration for Young Children 
Fakhraei Seyed Shobeir 2017 Collective Multi-relational Network Mining  Lise Getoor
Farach Martin 1991 Efficient Replacement Strategies in the Memory Hierarchy
Farrell Ryan 2011 Learning Visual Patterns: Imposing Order on Objects, Trajectories and Networks  Larry Davis
Fayzullin Marat 2004 Algebraic Multimedia: Theory and Implementation 
Fekete Gyorgy 1988 Object recognition using property spheres Larry Davis
Fernandez Redonet Jose 1994 Disjunctive Deductive Databases
Ferreira Renato 2001 Compiler Techniques for Data Parallel Applications using Very large Multi-Dimensional Datasets
Filimonov Denis 2011 Decision Tree-Based Syntactic Language Modeling  Philip Resnik
Fischer Jeffrey 1996 Compositional verification by model checking for counter-examples
Fishman Daniel 1973 Experiments with a Resolution-Based Deductive Question-Answering System and a Proposed Clause Representation for Parallel Search
Flake Gary 1993 Nonmonotonic activation functions in multilayer perceptrons James Reggia
Fonseca Guilherme 2007 Approximate Range Searching in the Absolute Error Model  David Mount
Fontana Peter 2014 Towards A Unified Theory of Timed Automata  Rance Cleaveland
Ford Gary 1977 An investigation of embeddings of cellular spaces for cellular automata
Forman Ira 1979 On the decomposition of programs into primes
Fouche Sandro 2010 Large Scale Automated Test Scheduling and Execution Adam Porter
Frangiadakis Nikolaos 2012 Connectivity and Data Transmission over Wireless Mobile Systems  Nicholas Roussopoulos
Frederickson Greg 1977 Approximation algorithms for NP-hard routing problems
Friedland Noah 1993 Utilizing energy function and description length minimization for integrated delineation, representation, and classification of objects
Friedler Sorelle 2010 Geometric Algorithms for Objects in Motion  David Mount
Fujimura Kikuo 1990 Motion planning in dynamic domains Hanan Samet
Furr Michael 2009 Combining Static and Dynamic Typing in Ruby  Jeffrey Foster
Gaasterland Terry 1992 Generating Cooperative Answers in Deductive Databases
Gal Annie 1988 Cooperative Responses in Deductive Databases
Gandhi Rajiv 2003 Broadcast Scheduling Samir Khuller
Gao Mingfei 2020 Improving Efficiency for Object Detection and Temporal Modeling for Action Localization  Larry Davis
Gao Zebao 2017 Quantifying Flakiness and Minimizing its Effects on Software Testing 
Gavrila Dariu 1996 Vision-based 3-D tracking of humans in action Larry Davis
Geunady Mohamed 2020 Applications of Graph Segmentation Algorithms For Quantitative Genomic Analyses  Hector Corrada Bravo
Ghanem Nagia 2007 Petri Net Models for Event Recognition in Surveillance Videos  Larry Davis
Gharai Ladan 1998 Multi-Platform Performance Models for Digital Video Systems
Ghodsi Mohammadreza 2012 Searching, Clustering and Evaluating Biological Sequences  Mihai Pop
Ghosh Subrata 1994 Heuristic Search with Limited Resources Dana Nau
Ginat David 1989 Adaptive ordering of contending processes in distributed systems
Gishen Jeffrey 1978 A method for the formal derivation of programs and its applicability to automatic program synthesis
Gittens Shaun 2006 Neural Network Generation of Temporal Sequences from Single Static Vector Inputs Using Varying Length Distal Target Sequences  James Reggia
Giuliano Mark 1990 The Control and Execution of Parallel Logic Programs
Glenn James 1998 Implementing WSIS via Finite Automata William Gasarch
Godfrey Parke 1999 An Architecture and Implementation of a Cooperative Database System
Golbeck Jennifer 2005 Computing and Applying Trust in Web-Based Social Networks 
Golmie Nada 2002 Coexistence of Bluetooth and 802.11 networks A. Udaya Shankar
Golub Evan 1999 Empirical Studies in Parallel Sorting William Gasarch
Gomaa Walid 2007 Model Theory and Complexity Theory  William Gasarch
Good Lance 2003 Zoomable User Interfaces for the Authoring and Delivery of Slide Presentations Ben Bederson