SIGMETRICS 2001 / Performance 2001 Student Housing Form

Courtesy of the MIT Laboratory for Computer Science, we are able to offer accommodation for up to 25 students at an MIT dorm.


Eligibility and Assignment Policies

Accommodation Types

MIT will provide single-occupancy and double-occupancy accommodation in a dormitory on the MIT Campus. The dorms are within walking distance of the conference hotel.  A map of the MIT campus can be found here.  Rooms include clean sheets and towels. Bathrooms are shared between multiple rooms.
Students applying for double-occupancy rooms either can  provide the name of a roommate (who must be another student attending the conference), or will be assigned a roommate by the dorm manager upon arrival. In the latter case, the roommate will most likely be a stranger and not necessarily another student attending the conference.

Fees, Payments and Cancellation Policies

Rules   By applying for MIT student housing you certify that you will follow the rules set henceforth:


Please fill out this portion of the form and fax it or send it with your
conference/workshop registration form

Name: ______________________________________________________________

 Occupancy type: ______ Single                  __________ Double
                                   (44 $ / night)                     (28 $ / night)

Arrival date _______ / ________ / __________

Number of Nights _______________________

Total Amount Due _______________________
(Write this figure in the appropriate field in the  "Housing for Students" section of the conference registration form, and add it to the conference dues when computing the total amount paid by credit card or by check)

Please fill this part of the form if you are applying for a double occupancy room

If you wish to specify a  roommate (another student attending the conference),  please provide the person's name


If you agree to share a room with a randomly assigned roommate, who will not necessarily be a student attending the conference, please specify your gender

                              ______________  Female                               _______________ Male

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