Fors Marsh Group LLC


Fors Marsh Group is proud to be recognized as an AMA Gold Top 50 Research Firm and earned the B Corp certification.

Fors Marsh Group (FMG) applies behavioral and data science to improve programs and products within seven core markets: Health, Defense, Technology, Finance, Homeland Security, Policy, Consumer. Through our work, we help organizations and governmental agencies make research-backed decisions and implement solutions that positively affect the customers, employees, and the citizens they serve.

FMG was created with the vision of becoming a refreshingly different type of research and consulting firm. One that could effectively provide its customers with creative solutions steeped in scientific theory, methodological rigor, and feasibility. Our core competency areas include User Experience, Social Marketing, Human Capital Management, Learning and Training, Policy Evaluation, Surveys and Data Collection, Marketing and Communications and Data Science and Visualization.

FMG works to fulfill that vision and deliver a culture that nurtures advanced education and open communication for both clients and employees. As a result, we continue to grow each year, broadening our organizational capabilities and continually refining our core expertise to best serve our clients.

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Researcher Senior Researcher Data Scientist Senior Data Scientist Data Management Analyst Survey Statistician Researcher, Analytics Marketing IT Help desk
Full-Time (Entry Level), Full-Time (Experienced)


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