Klaviyo empowers consumer businesses to own their marketing and growth by aggregating all of the customer data and allowing businesses to design and deliver experiences across email, web and mobile - the owned marketing channels. Klaviyo has over 18,000 customers in 80 countries ranging from entrepreneurs to multi-national, public companies. The company is profitable and expects grow 100%+ this year.

Headquartered in Boston, Klaviyo was founded in 2012 to give businesses greater control over their customers' experience and measure the results in dollars - not opens or clicks. Klaviyo is a product and engineering driven company that relies on getting incredibly close to its customers. They have built a data warehouse that allows flexible, low latency queries of customer data, a Photoshop-like content design experience and flexible attribution modeling. Combined together, consumer companies no longer have to stitch together different products and waste months implementing and testing to see if their ideas drive revenue.

The company recently raised $150M in growth equity from Summit Partners to expand internationally, into other industries and develop a product using machine learning and AI to automatically discover customers and experiences that will drive revenue and growth.

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