The Future of Documents

Rajiv Jain and Vlad Morariu
Talk Series: 
11.06.2020 11:00 to 12:00

Adobe Research opened an office in College Park two years ago, and during this talk we will provide an overview of one of our areas of exploration: the future of documents. Documents have been with us for millennia, but the way in which we create, consume, and interact with documents is continuously evolving. For example, mobile devices and AI have changed how people read documents on their phones through Adobe’s Liquid Mode, as well as how they sign contracts and fill forms electronically through Adobe’s Sign and Fill & Sign. New technologies such as AR/VR will further change how we experience documents, and progress in AI/ML will continue to fuel the future of documents. We will describe our recent HCI, computer vision, and NLP research on topics such as document understanding, information extraction, handling real data at scale, and new modes of interaction with devices. We will also describe areas that we are interested in exploring and collaborating on in the future.