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We have installed spamassassin in the department, which is software that attempts to identify spam messages. You can invoke spamassassin to add a layer of customized scoring and spam filtering above and beyond what is done by the central mail scanners.

See for complete setup instructions.

Please note that it is important to be extra careful with any software that manipulates your Email, because if it is improperly set up you could easily and permanently lose important email. If you have questions or problems, please let us know.

Also note that we are not automatically deleting spam for everyone because of the potential for accidentally discarding legitimate email. We recommend against discarding tagged spam without human intervention. If you choose to use this software, you are expected to take the time to understand how it works and accept responsibility for whatever it does to your email. We can help you minimize the risk, but the choice and responsibility is ultimately yours.

John Stange 2011-08-02