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Our prior research investigated how children approached searching. From that work, we discovered seven search roles, or patterns of behavior, children fall into when searching for information on the computer. We are currently interested in examining if these roles are the same in adolescents and which people are most responsible for teaching adolescents to search. Hopefully, by studying adolescents, we can discover stable roles that can be supported by well-designed search interfaces and tailored education in search.


Dr. Hilary Browne Hutchinson, Google.
Dr. Allison Druin, Associate Professor, College of Information Studies.
Dr. Evan Golub, Lecturer, Department of Computer Science.
Elizabeth Foss, PhD student, College of Information Studies.
Panagis Papadatos, HCIM student, College of Information Studies.
Whitney Ford, Undergraduate student, Department of Computer Science.

Papers and Articles

Children's Search Roles at Home: Implications for Designers, Researchers, Educators, and Parents
How Adolescents Search the Internet with Keyword Interfaces
How Children Search the Internet with Keyword Interfaces
Children's Roles using Keyword Search Interfaces at Home
Helping Children Find What They Need on the Internet (New York Times article)
Study: Not All Kids Are Computer Whizzes (NPR story)


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