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Co-Chairs: Gerhard Fischer, Elisa Giaccardi, and Mike Eisenberg (University of Colorado, Boulder, USA)

Index sorted by first author

  • Propagating Collaboration: An Instructional Methodology for Artists and Engineers
    Elif Ayiter, Selim Balcisoy, Murat Germen and Selcuk Artut

  • Gestural Hyper Instrument Collaboration with Generative Computation for Real Time Creativity
    Kirsty Beilharz and Sam Ferguson

  • Instrumentness for Creativity - Mediation, Materiality & Metonymy
    Olav W. Bertelsen, Morten Breinbjerg and Søren Pold

  • Interactive Evolution for Industrial Design
    Boris Bezirtzis, Matthew Lewis and Cara Christeson

  • Produsage: Towards a Broader Framework for User-Led Content Creation
    Axel Bruns

  • Exploring Mutual Engagement in Creative Collaborations
    Nick Bryan-Kinns, Patrick Healey and Joe Leach

  • Exact Imagination and Distributed Creativity: A Lesson from the History of Animation
    Michael Century

  • Environments for Creativity - A Lab for Making Things
    Ellen Do and Mark Gross

  • TEAM STORM: Demonstrating an Interaction Model for Working with Multiple Design Ideas during Creative Group Work
    Joshua Hailpern, Erik Hinterbichler, Caryn Leppert, Damon Cook and Brian Bailey

  • Designing for Collaborative Creative Problem Solving
    Otmar Hilliges, Lucia Terrenghi, Sebastian Boring, David Kim, Hendrik Richter and Andreas Butz

  • Eco-Visualization: Combining Art and Technology to Reduce Energy Consumption
    Tiffany Holmes

  • Performative Roles of Materiality for Collective Creativity
    Giulio Jacucci and Ina Wagner

  • Promoting Emergence in Information Discovery by Representing Collections with Composition
    Andruid Kerne, Eunyee Koh, Steven Smith, Hyun Choi, Ross Graeber and Andrew Webb

  • The Drive to Create: An Investigation of Tools to Support Disabled Artists
    Dharani Perera, R. T. Jim Eales and Kathy Blashki

  • Group Creativity in Virtual Math Teams: Interactional Mechanisms for Referencing, Remembering and Bridging
    Johann Sarmiento and Gerry Stahl

  • Spinning Stories: The Development of the ‘Small Histories’ Project as an Online Facilitator of Multiple Life Stories
    Stefan Schutt

  • Using Dramaturgical Methods to Gain More Dynamic User Understanding in User-Centered Design
    Vesa Kantola, Sauli Tiitta, Katri Mehto and Tomi Kankainen

  • Using Empathy to Research Creativity: Collaborative Investigations into Distributed Digital Textile Art and Design Practice
    Cathy Treadaway

  • Media for Knowledge Creation and Dissemination: Semantic Model and Narrations for a New Accessibility to Cultural Heritage
    Stefano Valtolina, Piero Mussio, Pietro Mazzoleni, Stefano Franzoni, Giovanna Bagnasco Gianni, Muriel Geroli and Cristina Ridi

  • A Computational Model of the Music of Stevie Ray Vaughan
    Naresh Vempala and Subrata Dasgupta

  • The Resourcefulness of Everyday Design
    Ron Wakkary and Leah Maestri

  • Tool Support for Creativity Using Externalisations
    Andrew Warr and Eamonn O'Neill

  • An In-depth Case Study of Art-Technology Collaboration
    Yun Zhang and Linda Candy

  • Surprising Creativity: A Cognitive Framework for Interactive Exhibits Designed for Children
    Su Zheng, Adrian Bromage, Martin Adam, and Stephen Scrivener

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