InfoVis 2004 Contest
An Associative Information Visualizer

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TASK 1: Static Overview of 10 years of Infovis

TASK 2: Characterize the research areas and their evolution

TASK 3: The people in InfoVis

Task 3.1: Where does a particular author/researcher fit within the research areas defined in task 2?

Task 3.2: What, if any, are the relationships between two or more or all researchers?

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A major goal of this system is to visualize semantic relationships through cross-mapping. Given an author, what are the most relevant keywords or research areas associated with his or her name? Given a keyword, what authors have most often co-occurred with it? How are they related to each other? Ways of asking these kinds of questions are endless. The best way to answer them is to use an interactive mapping system and let the user control the output by selecting the entry point, the type of indexing terms displayed, the mapping format, and so on.

Our system achieves this through the implementation of instant mapping. Among the available terms to be mapped are authors or cited authors, keywords, and documents. Users can freely choose to map their inquiries either within each indexing space or cross the spaces.

Because our semantic relationships are "abstracted" from simple statistical co-occurrence counts or co-citation counts, the larger the data set, the more robust the semantic relationships will be. For this purpose, the INFOVIS data set is too small. The capability shown here would be better applied to much larger data sets, such as all the literature in the ACM digital library, or all the documents in sciences or social sciences.

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