"Good Trouble" - October 12th, 2017
The University of Maryland's 2017-18 First Year Book is "March: Book Three" by John Lewis, Andrew Aydin and Nate Powell. On the evening of October 12th, Congressman Lewis and Mr. Aydin came to campus for a lecture entitled "Good Trouble" that was held in the Memorial Chapel and hosted by the Office of Undergraduate Studies in conjunction with the William L. Thomas ODK Lecture Series and the Office of Diversity and Inclusion.

Below are three images taken at the "Good Trouble" event, where you can click on any of the individual images to see a 360° image taken at about the same moment as the traditional image. The 360° image will pop-up in a new window on top of this one, and you will be able to click and drag inside that to look around the Memorial Chapel at the time as the traditional photo was taken.

Evan Golub

Congressman John Lewis speaking at the "Good Trouble" lecture. (click for 360° context).

Reverend Ruby Moone speaking to Congressman John Lewis at the "Good Trouble" lecture during the Q&A period. (click for 360° context).

University of Maryland President Wallace Loh thanking Congressman John Lewis at the conclusion of the "Good Trouble" lecture. (click for 360° context).

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