Donald Trump inaugurated as President amid Protests in DC

Donald Trump taking presidential oath of office. (click for 360 degree context). Source: Evan Golub.

On January 20, 2017, Washington, D.C. was bustling with activity. While thousands came into the city for the inauguration of Donald Trump as the 45th president of the United States, not all were there to support the newly elected and controversial man. On Inauguration Day, it was equally as important to cover the inauguration itself as it was to cover the protests that occurred simultaneously around the District. Among the protests were ones that took place in Dupont Circle, around Chinatown, and near the Washington Monument.

Each image below offers stunning detail and emotion from several of the protests. However, these still images give but one perspective and not the entire view of what the atmosphere was like around the protest. How many people were in attendance, the sounds of the protest, and the surrounding activity are all details that are often lost in still images. Having 360-degree photos and videos taken at the same time as the traditional still images can help fill that void of information.

The photojournalist who took the below images also had a 360-degree camera filming video while he snapped stills throughout the day. If you click on any of the images, a 360-degree still from approximately the same moment will be displayed for you to look around at what surrounded him that the traditional photograph does not capture.

In Dupont Circle, a man wearing a Donald Trump mask with a Pinocchio-like nose protests alongside others with signs. (click for 360 degree context). Source: Tom Hausman.


Near Dupont Circle a man protests President Donald Trump's inauguration. (click for 360 degree context). Source: Tom Hausman.


Near DC's Chinatown a group of people raise signs in support of Muslim-Americans, protesting Donald Trump's presidency. (click for 360 degree context). Source: Tom Hausman.


Near the Verizon Center, a woman walks through the streets chanting words of protest against Donald Trump's presidency. (click for 360 degree context). Source: Tom Hausman.


On Constitution Avenue near the Washington Monument protesters hold signs and chant phrases of resistance against Donald Trump's presidency. (click for 360 degree context). Source: Tom Hausman.


To see a montage of 360-degree video clips from the day, with audio, from which the 360-degree images were extracted you can visit it on Facebook). The 360-degree images seen above were brightened slightly and rotated 180-degrees from the default view in the video, which was oriented towards the photographer, to provide the same view that the photographer had as your initial view. Again, one advantage of the 360-degree view is that you can look around it in any direction you'd like within that moment.



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Donald Trump inaugurated as President amid Protests in DC

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