IEEE VAST 2008 Challenge

2008 Awards







Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, China

Qi Ye, Tian Zhu, Deyong Hu, Bin Wu, Nan Du, Bai Wang, Exploring Temporal Communication in Mobile Call Graphs


Social Network Accuracy (Cell Phone mini challenge)


Fraunhofer Institute, Germany

Natalia Andrienko, Gennady Andrienko, Analysis of Movements with Geospatial Visual Analytics Toolkit


Tool Integration (Evacuation Traces mini challenge)

Oculus Info Inc., Canada

Lynn Chien, Annie Tat, Pascale Proulx, Adeel Khamisa, William Wright, Visual Analysis with nSpace2 and GeoTime


Support for Diverse Analytic Techniques (Grand Challenge)

Palantir Technologies, USA

Jason Payne, Jake Solomon, Ravi Sankar, Bob McGrew, The Future of Analysis


Interactive Visual Analytic Environment (Grand Challenge)


Drexel University and Pennsylvania State University, USA

Donald Pellegrino, Chi-Chun Pan, Anthony Robinson, Michael Stryker, Junyan Luo, Chris Weaver, Prasenjit Mitra, Chaomei Chen, Ian Turton, Alan MacEachren, Visualization and Collaboration in the VAST 2008 Challenge


Data Integration (Grand Challenge)

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, USA

Dennis Bouvier, Britian Oates, Staining for Information Discovery


Innovative Trace Visualization (Evacuation Traces mini challenge)



Benjamin Holland, Lisa Kuchy, Jason Dalton, A Geo-Temporal Analysis of the Migrant Boat Dataset


Analysis Summary (Migrant Boat mini challenge)

University of Bari, Italy

Adalberto Simeone, Paolo Buono, Discovering the terrorist


User Testing to Obtain Consensus (Evacuation Traces mini challenge)

University of California, Davis, USA

Carlos D. Correa, Tarik Crnovrsanin, Christopher Muelder, Ryan Armstrong, James Shearer, Kwan-Liu Ma, Visual Analytics of Cell Phone Data using MobiVis and OntoVis


Intuitive Social Network Graphs (Cell Phone mini challenge)

University College Dublin, Ireland

Michael Farrugia, Aaron Quigley, Animating Multivariate Dynamic Social Networks


Node-Link Animation (Cell Phone mini challenge)


University of Maryland, USA

Adam Perer, Using Social Action to Uncover Hidden Structure in Social Networks over Time


Time Visualizations of Cell Phone Activity (Cell Phone mini challenge)

University of Zagreb, Croatia, VRVis Research Center and Virginia Tech, USA

Ranko Miklin, Tomislav Lipic, Mario Beric, Zoltan Konyha, Wolfgang Freiler, Kresimir Matkovic, Denis Gracanin, Geo-Temporal Analysis of Migrant Boats


Simple and Effective Integrated Display (Migrant Boat mini challenge)


Vision Systems & Technology, Inc., USA

Edward Swing, Solving the Cell Phone Calls Challenge with the Prajna Project


Effective Toolkit Integration (Cell Phone mini challenge)

And the committee and students picture:


Submissions who received an award have a 2 page summary in the VAST proceedings. All submitted materials will be also published online after the symposium.

In addition 3 Grand Challenge entry teams were selected to participate in the interactive session during VisWeek 2008 to work on a new smaller problem with professional analysts:

         Oculus Info. Inc.

         Palantir Technologies

         Pennsylvania State University Northeastern Visualization and Analytics Center (NEVAC) Team.


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