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The VAST 2009 challenge will center on a cyber analytics scenario: an employee is leaking important information to the outside world; hypotheses about his identity and network need to be made or confirmed.

Three mini challenges :

    Badge and computer network traffic

    Social network with geospatial



Also: At KDD-09: a full day workshop on Visual Analytics VAKD�09 (June 28th, Paris France), including a challenge using our 2008 data.


Overview of the event

The VAST Challenge is a participation category of the IEEE VAST 2009 Symposium (part of VisWeek 2009).  The VAST Challenge continues in the footsteps of the VAST 2006, 2007 contests and the 2008 Challenge with the purpose of pushing the forefront of visual analytics tools using benchmark data sets and establishing a forum to advance visual analytics evaluation methods. We also hope it will speed the transfer of VA technology from research labs to commercial products, and increase the availability of evaluation techniques.

In order to provide more opportunities for increased participation we offer an overall Grand Challenge as well as several smaller Mini Challenges.Teams may enter one or more mini Challenges independently of the entering the Grand Challenge.ALL teams submitting an entry to a VAST Challenge will be invited to discuss their work during a challenge workshop.

Entries will be judged on both the correctness of the analysis (based on the availability of ground truth) and the utility of the tools in conducting the analysis. Participants have several months to prepare their submissions.

Although the grand and mini-challenges are currently focused on homeland security topics we want to emphasize that both the problems and their solutions are indicative of very broad applicability. The challenges are very similar and representative of data sets that deal with medical, health, financial, educational, transportation, or social data. In fact it is our strong belief that good tools that succeed in solving the mini or grand challenges will easily apply to a broader collection of data sets, and we encourage individuals and groups from all disciplines to not only participate in the challenges but in the workshop and future planning of the VAST challenge activities.


Questions? Send email to: challengecommittee(AT)cs.umd.edu


VAST 2009 Challenge Chairs

Georges Grinstein, University of Massachusetts Lowell
Catherine Plaisant, HCIL, University of Maryland
Jean Scholtz, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory  
Mark Whiting, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory 

Contact us:challengecommittee(AT)cs.umd.edu

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