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Peter E. Hart, Ricoh Innovations, Inc.
"Building future multimedia office systems: A research portfolio" (Abstract)
March 1st, 3:30pm, 3258 A.V. Williams Building

Peter E. Hart: "Building future multimedia office systems: A research portfolio"

The decrease in cost of multimedia hardware (digital still and video cameras, audio recording, storage, ...), the desire for enriched, persuasive and memorable messages, and the pressing need to combat information overload, together present a significant opportunity for changing the fundamental nature of office communication. Research challenges exist at every level, from bottom to top: the need for more flexible image compression methods; the design of information appliances and user interfaces; and the creation of new architectures for multimedia messaging systems, to name a few. I'll survey recent research from the Ricoh California Research Center on these topics, aimed at simplifying the capture, communication and comprehension of multimedia messages. I'll also show how our resulting technologies have become office products and have influenced commercial services. I'll conclude with some insights on the changing social contract between corporations and their funded research groups, and the skills researchers need to thrive in this new environment.

Speaker bio: Peter E. Hart, a Fellow of the AAAI and IEEE, is Chairman and President of Ricoh Innovations, Inc. and Director of its California Research Center. His research contributions include an analysis of the nearest-neighbor rule (for which he received the IEEE Information Theory Society's Golden Anniversary Award), the development of the A* algorithm for optimal graph searching, the invention of the modern form of the Hough transform, and the development of PROSPECTOR, one of the first expert systems. He is also a Senior Vice President of Ricoh Company, Ltd. (Japan), one of the few Westerners to be an executive officer of a major Japanese corporation.

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