Human-Computer Interaction Laboratory
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Annual presentation of research studies and inspirational prototypes from the world-famous Human-Computer Interaction Lab at the University of Maryland.

This year's inspirations focus on zooming user interfaces for telling stories and making presentations, innovative technology for personal photos, and creative applications by and for children. Professional breakthroughs include searching temporal and multiple language databases. Come and learn how you can apply these advances to your work.

.June 1 Symposium (Skinner Hall)

 8:15: Sign-in and coffee 
(Register by May 19 for guaranteed lunch and materials -- see registration information

 9:00: Welcome
Ben Bederson, Director of Human Computer Interaction Lab
Joseph JàJà, Director of University of Maryland Institute for Advanced Computer Studies 

Mining Creativity
Session Chair: Ben Shneiderman 

Zooming Storytelling
Juan-Pablo Hourcade

Digital Fingerpainting 
Hilary Browne

Interactive Rooms
Jaime Montemayor

Zooming Presentations
Lance Good

Data Mining and Sense Making with Treemaps
Ben Shneiderman, Ketan Babaria, Steve Betten

Information Exploration
Session chair: Doug Oard 

Visualizing Large Tables of Data
Egemen Tanin

Searching Foreign Language Collections
Rebecca Hwa

Digital Photo Libraries
Hyunmo Kang

Navigating XML Databases
Bongwon Suh

Visualization for Monitoring Applications
Catherine Plaisant, Ben Bederson, Jesse Grosjean

Querying Time Series
Harry Hochheiser, Ben Shneiderman

Dual Navigation in Support of Answering Survey Questions
Kent Norman, Tim Pleskac, Kirk Norman, Laura Slaughter

Learning and Living
Session chair: Allison Druin

Music Blocks
Lisa Sherman

Learning Historian
Anne Rose

Digitial Library for Children
Glenda Revelle

Robotic Toy for Rehabilitation
Cori Lathan

Classroom of the Future: Developing and Infusing New Technologies in Early Childhood Education
Allison Druin, Jessica Porteous, Allison Farber, Gene Chipman

Communication Technologies for the Home
Ben Bederson, Allison Druin,Catherine Plaisant, Hilary Browne, Michele Platner

.Demonstrations—Open House
A.V. Williams Building, Third Floor
HCIL 1 - Room 3174

Data Mining and Sense Making with Treemaps
Visualizing Large Tables of Online Data
Digital Photo Libraries
Visualization for Monitoring Applications
Querying Time Series
Searching Oral Histories
Search Histories for User Support in Information-Seeking Interfaces
Simulation-Based Learning Environments for Engineering Education
Dynamic Queries and Brushing on Choropleth Maps

HCIL 2 - Room 3180
Zooming Storytelling
Digital Fingerpainting
Zooming Presentations
Navigating XML Databases
Digital Library for Children
Wearable Computers
Communications Technologies for the Home
PhotoMesa: A Zoomable Image Browser

Robotics Lab - Room 3438
Interactive Rooms
Robotic Toy for Rehabilation

Biology-Psychology Building, Third Floor
Department of Psychology - Room 3111

Dual Navigation in Support of Answering Survey Questions
Questionnaire for User Interaction Satisfaction
Rage Against the Computer: Venting Behavior and Suggested Techniques
Correcting Errors in Survey Entry: When and How
HyperCourseware: A Working Prototype of an Electronic Educational Environment

All paid registrants for the HCIL 18th Annual Symposium will receive:

• ONE HOUR VIDEOTAPE of our HCIL 2001 Video Reports 
• A set of recent TECHNICAL REPORTS and SLIDES from the talks 
• A CD-ROM with demonstration software and additional technical reports
• Discounts on books authored by HCIL Faculty

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