Symposium and Open House
Friday, May 31, 2002

Skinner Auditorium (between Woods and Skinner Halls)

We appreciate the sponsorship of Celera, Microsoft, Spotfire, IBM, and Usability Professionals Association.
8:15am Sign-in and Coffee

Welcome Ben Bederson, Director of HCIL SLIDES

Keynote Speaker: Ben Shneiderman "ENding User Frustration (ENUF)" SLIDES

User-Centered Design
Session Chair: Allison Druin SLIDES

A Message Board for Family Communication SLIDES
Hilary Hutchinson

Young Children as Design Partners SLIDES
Gene Chipman, Allison Farber

The MALACH project: Searching Oral Histories of the Holocaust SLIDES
Dagobert Soergel

KidStory: The Impact of Zooming Technologies on Children's Storytelling SLIDES
Allison Druin


Information Seeking
Session Chair: Douglas Oard SLIDES

Digital Library Interfaces for Children: The Effects of Visual Navigation on Usability SLIDES
Ben Bederson, Glenda Revelle, Allison Druin

Access to News Audio SLIDES
Jinmook Kim

The International Children's Digital Library: Viewing Digital Books Online SLIDES  
Juan-Pablo Hourcade

Supporting Interactive Exploration of Foreign-Language Collections SLIDES
Jianqiang Wang


12 noon


1:30-3:30pm Information Understanding 

Session Chair: Ben Bederson SLIDES

Interactive Visualization to the Million SLIDES
Jean-Daniel Fekete

Web-Based Surveys: Questions, Answers, and Designs SLIDES
Kent L. Norman

Simulation, Exploration, and Understanding in Engineering SLIDES
Gary Rubloff

TimeSearcher: Interactive Querying for Identification of Patterns in Genetic Microarray Time Series Data SLIDES
Harry Hochheiser

Hierarchical Clustering Explorer: BioInformatics Visualization SLIDES
Jinwook Seo

Dynamaps: Web-based Interactive Maps SLIDES
Evan Golub, Ben Shneiderman, Kent Norman, Wayne Menezes

Browsing Large Trees in a Zooming Environment SLIDES
Jesse Grosjean

Viewing Changes: Monitoring with Treemaps SLIDES
Steve Betten, Catherine Plaisant


Demonstrations-Open House
(See map for locations.)
All topics presented above will be demonstrated. Plus, in addition:

A.V. Williams Building, Third Floor

Technology for Families 
The International Children's Digital Library: 
The Classroom of the Future: A "magic wall" for collaborative drawing
CosmoBot: therapeutic play for pediatric rehabilitation (from AnthroTronix)

SpaceTree: Browsing Large Trees in a Zooming Environment 
Visualizing Self-Organizing Communities within Email Archives 
3-D Wall Display for Interactive Visualization 
FishCal: A Fisheye Calender Viewer for PDAs 
Interactive Visualization of One Million Items 
Information Visualization with Treemaps 
Dynamaps: Web-based Interactive Maps 
Hierarchical Clustering Explorer: BioInformatics Visualization 

Simulation, Exploration, and Understanding in Engineering 

Supporting Interactive Exploration of Foreign-Language Collections 

PhotoMesa: A Zoomable Image Browser 
PhotoFinder: Personal Photo Libraries

Biology-Psychology Building, Third Floor

Department of Psychology - Room 3111
Computer Rage 
Dynamic Maps and Decisions 
Research on Web-Based Surveys 
Questionnaire for User Interaction Satisfaction 

AND all demonstrations mentioned during the morning Symposium






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