14th Annual Symposium &
Open House






2:30 Demonstrations

Computer Science
AV Williams Bldg - room 3174
Library of Congress National Digital Library
Visible Human Explorer
LifeLines for medical patient record.
LifeLines for juvenile justice records
Query previews for NASA earth science data
Elastic Windows and tightly-coupled views
Personal Role Manager

Zoology-Psychology Bldg - room 3111
Experiments on interface apparency and dual task performance
Questionnaire for User Interaction Satisfaction on the Web

College of Library & InformationServices
Hornbake Library - room 4121
Library of Congress National Digital Library
Video-on-demand for learning communities
Video previews and speech analysis for searching multimedia objects
Zooming in text: experiments with Pad++

Academic Information Technology Services
Van Munching - room 2203
Teaching/learning in the high-tech classroom

Space Sciences Lab
Neutral Buoyancy Research Facility - room 2100-C
Human control station design for space robotics

Computer Mapping & Spatial Analysis Lab (to be confirmed)
Lefrak Hall - room 1140
GUIs for geographic data - for library patrons and students

Art Department Electronic Media Center (to be confirmed)
Art-Sociology Bldg. - room 3311-A
The Museum Educational Site Licensing Project:
digital representations of art from museum collections

Web Accessibility