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15th Anniversary Symposium & Open House

Friday, May 29, 1998

Last update: May 22nd - updated schedule and map

Directions and map

Registrants for the HCIL 15th Annual Symposium and Open House will receive a


8:30 SIGN IN:
Tyser Auditorium, Van Munching Hall, Room 1212
(Register by May 18th - see registration information below)

9:00 SYMPOSIUM (Morning Lectures)

Ben Shneiderman, Head of HCIL & Joseph JaJa, Director of UMIACS


CODEX-MEMEX-GENEX: the pursuit of trasformational technologies
Ben Shneiderman

Exploring NASA's massive, networked earth science data using query previews: The end of zero-hit queries
Catherine Plaisant, Egemen Tanin & Kawin Ngamkajornwiwat

Visualizing medical patient records with LifeLines: Strategies for abundant and effective information presentation
Jia Li, Catherine Plaisant & Dan Heller



Applying Zooming User Interfaces (ZUIs): Graphical history for web browsing
Ben Bederson & Tammara Combs

Browsing multimedia digital libraries: Storyboards, slideshows, and voicegraphs
Tony Tse, Wei Ding, Laura Slaughter, Anita Komlodi & Doug Oard

Graphical displays for advanced traffic management systems: Control rooms for safer highways and smoother trips
Phil Tarnoff, Catherine Plaisant & Aditya Saraf

12:00 LUNCH: South Campus Dining Hall

1:15 SYMPOSIUM (Afternoon Lectures)

1:15 LEARNING TOOLS: Allison Druin

Children as our technology design partners: Collaborative drawing tools and immersive environments
Allison Druin & Ken Weinstein

Digital video and multimedia resources for the Baltimore Learning Community: Putting powerful tools in classrooms
Nancy Kellman-Maddocks, Wei Ding & Anne Rose

Simulation Processes in a Learning Environment (SIMPLE): Software architecture, advanced user interfaces, and a
learning historian
Anne Rose, Gary Rubloff, Catherine Plaisant, Yatin Sankholkar & George Ziets


IBM Teaching/Learning Theater, Van Munching Hall - Room 2203
Interface apparency and multimedia learning
HyperCourseware and interfaces for education on the World-Wide Web

Computer Science/UMIACS, AV Williams Bldg - Room 3174
Zooming User Interfaces : Pad++ and PadPrints
KidPad: Collaborative drawing tool for kids
Tightly-coupled windows - Elastic windows
Information visualization - Dynamic queries and Spotfire
Exploring earth science data using query previews
Visualizing medical patient records with LifeLines
Simulation Processes in a Learning Environment (SIMPLE)
Advanced traffic management interfaces
Combining on-Web subjective and objective usability testing for web sites (Customer Insites, Inc.)

Psychology, Zoology-Psychology Bldg - Room 3111
High-precision wide-range gauge design and evaluation
Interface apparency to speed user performance in text and graphics
Information visualization design and evaluation for NASA "lights-out" satellite systems

College of Library and Information Services, Hornbake Library - Room 4121
VoiceGraph speech retrieval interface
Digital video and multimedia resources for the classroom
Interfaces for Library of Congress National Digital Library / WebTOC

Space Sciences Lab, Neutral Buoyancy Research Facility - Room 2100C
Human control station design for space robotics

To guarantee reservation of lunch and materials we need your registration by MAY 18.

Cut here and mail, fax or email


HCIL Symposium and Open House 1998

Contact: Cecilia Kullman, UMIACS,
AV Williams Building, University of Maryland,
College Park, MD 20742-3251
(301) 405-0304, fax (301) 314-9658

Please enclose a check made payable to The University of Maryland, a purchase order with the reference UMIACS/HCIL-SOH98 or supply charge card information. To qualify for a 10% reduction you must register a group of 4 or more from the same organization at the same time.

Full fee includes Book, Spotfire, videotape, technical reports, handouts and lunch buffet

___ $170 Industry

University faculty & staff fee includes Book, Spotfire, videotape, technical reports, handouts and lunch buffet

___ $110 Faculty/Staff (UMd and other academic institutions)

Free registrations without materials or lunch will be granted to full-time undergraduate and graduate students space permitting

___ Free Student

Cannot attend, but would like a materials package

___ $100 materials package only

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Credit card : _ Visa _ MasterCard _ Discover

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>>>> Use mail or fax only for credit card registration
>>>> UMIACS does not garantee the safety of Internet transactions

Directions and Parking Info:
The College Park campus is 1.5 miles south of the Beltway exit 25B. Sign-in and morning lectures are in the Van Munching Hall (business school) which is located in the southwest side of campus. Afternoon demos will take place in several buildings accross campus (expect a good amount of walking to see all the demos).

Because on May 29, summer school is not yet in session, no permit is required to park in Lot 1 near Van Munching Hall (LOT1 ONLY). A free UMd shuttle also runs every 15 minutes from the College Park Metro station to the Student Union in the center of campus.

Map of the event on campus.

HCIL 15TH Anniversary Symposium & Open House is organized with the
Institute for Advanced Computer Studies
Department of Computer Science
College of Library and Information Services
Department of Psychology
Institute for Systems Research
College of Education
Academic Information Technology Services

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