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For information about the HCIL, contact lab director Jen Golbeck at (301) 405-7185 or Many of the faculty are available for interviews, comments, etc. Contact the faculty directly, or contact the director to find the most relevant person.

Screenshots of much of our software (current and historic) are available for publication. However, please first contact the HCIL for permission.

Press Coverage in 2011

December 13, 2011. Krist Wongsuphasawat wins The Information Is Beautiful award for his “European Bubbles” visualization of financial information of EU countries in 2010.

December 10, 2011. Catherine Plaisant and Ben Shneiderman’s 1990 research on touchscreens and toggles was used on Chanel 4 UK news, “Apple vs Samsung Pattent Battles in Europe,” as prior art.

December 7, 2011. Cody Dunne, Robert Gove, Ben Shneiderman, Judith Klavans, and Bonnie Dorr’s Action Science Explorer research was the subject of a National Science Foundation Discovery, “A New Visualization Method Makes Research More Organized and Efficient.”

September 22, 2011. Cody Dunne brought recognition to the HCIL for his work with NodeXL visualizations of network data on innovation with Scott Dempwolf, the subject of UMD Newsdesk, “UMD to ‘Map’ Innovation Opportunities, Aid Baltimore Redevelopment.”

September 21, 2011. Ben Bederson spoke to Senate and House staff and members about UI contributions to the iPad, as part of the Computing Research Association effort to show how federally funded money leads to commercial products.

September 6, 2011. Ben Shneiderman, Derek Hansen, Cody Dunne, and Udayan Khurana’s open-source tool, NodeXL, was used by the subjects of the WorldBank Blog, “Media and Policy Makers Need to Connect to Online ‘Influentials’” to analyze Syrian tweets.

July 16, 2011. Ben Shneiderman was quoted in The New York Times, “Seeing Promise and Peril in Digital Records.”

July 2011. Jae-wook Ahn, Michael Pack, Cody Dunne, and Krist Wongsuphasawat’s research was mentioned in a Thai Embasy Office of Science and Technology article, “Human-Computer Interaction Lab 28th Annual Symposium.”

July 2011. Krist Wongsuphasawat’s interview about his work on LifeFlow appeared in the Thai Embassy’s Office of Science and Technology’s “Interview of the Month.”

June 28, 2011. Article about Ben Bederson and Philip Resnik's "MonoTrans" system in New Scientist by Jim Giles, “The man-machine: Harnessing humans in a hive mind.”

June 14, 2011. Ben Bederson on WAMU 88.5’s Kojo Nnamdi Show discussing “A Shift in Cloud Computing.” [transcript]

May 10, 2011. Jimmy Lin and Miguel Rios’s work at Twitter was mentioned in The Chronicle of Higher Education, “This Is What a Sabbatical at Twitter Looks Like.”

Jennifer Preece received the Association for Computing Machinery Computer-Human Interaction Academy award, May 9, 2011.

The mobile app contest Ben Bederson ran is discussed in Converge Magazine, “Music Apps Take Top Prizes in U of Maryland Contest,” April 28, 2011.

The University of Maryland’s mobile app contest, which Ben Bederson ran, was discussed (in Persian) by Do Noghte Sefr in Voice of America “Mobility Initiative ابتکار تحرک,” April 26, 2011.

Megan Monroe and Jonathan Speiser win the University of Maryland’s Mobility Programming Contest with their mobile app, Jam My Jam, April 25, 2011.

The University of Maryland’s mobile app contest, run by Ben Bederson, was discussed in The Washington Post, “Business Rx: A jukebox democracy in search of voters,” April 24, 2011.

Ben Shneiderman was interviewed by Dave Logan and Lois Melkonian about information visualization on KOA News Radio based on the New York Times article from the previous Sunday, April 5, 2011.

Bo Xie was interviewed about her Electronic Health Information for Life-Long Learners (eHILLL) research project by IMI’s TechTalk radio show, "Electronic Health Information for Life-long Learners (eHILLL)", April 3, 2011.

Ben Shneiderman and his work on Treemaps with the Hive Group were mentioned in the New York Times, “When the Data Struts Its Stuff,” April 3, 2011.

Jennifer Preece and Ben Shneiderman won the Best Paper Award in AIS Transactions on HCI for their paper on, “The Reader-to-Leader Framework: Motivating Technology-Mediated Social Participation, March 31, 2011. ”

Allison Druin was quoted in The New America Foundation, “Young Kids and the Popularity of ‘Digital Portability,’” March 24, 2011.

Ben Shneiderman wins 2011 Miles Conrad Award at the NFAIS 52rd Annual Conference in Philadelphia, PA, February 28, 2011.

Ben Bederson’s MonoTrans project was featured in New Scientist, “Crowdsourced translations get the word out from Libya,” February 25, 2011.

Yakov Kronrod, Chang Hu, Olivia Buzek, and Alex Quinn’s poster, “Using Monolingual Crowds to Improve Translation,” won a category at the 2011 AAAS Student Poster Competition, February 21, 2011.

Michael Pack’s CATT Lab work was mentioned in The Washington Post, “New Greenbelt Operations Center Will Help Manage Traffic and Transit throughout D.C. region,” February 16, 2011.

Megan Monroe’s PulsART iPad application was featured in the Diamondback, "Creativity at her Fingertips," February 10, 2011.

Bo Xie, Mo Wang, and Bob Feldman won the Best Paper Award at the iConference in Seattle for their paper, “Preferences for health information and decision-making: development of the Health Information Wants (HIW) questionnaire,” February 10, 2011.

Ben Shneiderman was quoted in Federal Computer Week, “4 Natural Advances in the Evolution of Gov 2.0,” February 8, 2011.

Ben Bederson joined WAMU’s Kojo Nnamdi Show for an hour to discuss “A Revolution in Tech Jobs? The Murky World of Online Labor,” February 8, 2011.

Greg Walsh was interviewed about distributed, asynchronous co-design with children on Kapp Notes, "A Conversation with Greg Walsh," January 26, 2011.

Jen Golbeck was interviewed about pets and social networks in National Public Radio’s “The Animal House,” January 16, 2011.

Allison Druin and Ben Bederson’s StoryKit app was featured in The New York Times, "Top Pics for Apps to Help You While Away the Minutes," December 23, 2010.

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