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For the Press

For information about the HCIL, contact lab director Jen Golbeck at (301) 405-7185 or Many of the faculty are available for interviews, comments, etc. Contact the faculty directly, or contact the director to find the most relevant person.

Screenshots of much of our software (current and historic) are available for publication. However, please first contact the HCIL for permission.

Press Coverage in 2004 And Earlier...

Kent Norman in an article by the Baltimore Sun
"High-tech gifts elevate post-holiday stress", December 2004

Kent Norman was a guest on the W*USA Channel 9 News at 9am with Reporter Audrey Barnes
"Report on Computer Rage", December 2004

Kent Norman interviewed in (News for Nerds. Stuff that Matters) posting
"Rage Against the Machines", December 2004

Kent Norman talks about Computer Rage in Technology Review
"Rage Against the Machines", December 2004

Kent Norman was the guest on the Kojo Nnamdi Show (WAMU, 88.5 FM) Tech Tuesday
"Technology Frustrations", December 2004

Kent Norman interviewed by Jim Gordon of NPR on Future Tense
"Venting your rage against computers", December 2004

Kent Norman featured in a University of Maryland, Media Relations press release
Computer Rage - "How Not To Destroy Your New High-Tech Gifts", December 2004

Kent Norman featured in a Laboratory for Automation Psychology and Decision Processes press release
Computer Rage II on DVD, September 2004

Allison Druin and Ben Bederson explain email and instant messaging to children Maryland Public Television, November 2004

Ben Shneiderman’s work on photo annotation described
Wired Magazine, October 2004

Review of Ben Shneiderman’s Leonardo's Laptop
IEEE-USA: Today’s Engineer, October 2004

Business Week Online mentions Ben Shneiderman in relation to personal medical devices
July 2004

Allison Druin was mentioned in Information Outlook on the Interaction Design and Children Conference
June 2004

Allison Druin participated in a live online discussion about the Interaction Design and Children Conference, June 2004

Allison Druin’s research mentioned
Maryland Research, Spring 2004

Allison Druin was highlighted in Usability News on Interaction Design and Children
May 2004

Allison Druin and Ben Bederson highlighted
Baltimore Sun, High Tech Education section, May 2004

Ben Shneiderman addresses increased attention to usability
Federal Computer Week, April 2004

Ben Bederson weighs in on internet social networking tool Orkut
TechWeb, April 2004

Review of Ben Shneiderman’s Leonardo’s Laptop
Library Quarterly, April 2004

Ben Bederson's work with novel interfaces profiled
The Gazette, March 2004

DateLens, a unique calendar interface developed by Ben Bederson, profiled profiles DateLens, January 2004

Ben Bederson quoted in an article that mentions NoteLens and the HCIL
The New York Times, Now Where Was I? New Ways to Revisit Web Sites, January 2004

Ben Shneiderman was a guest on a Government Computer News online forum
December 2003

A Baltimore Sun article on electronic voting cites a study conducted by Ben Bederson
December 2003

London's Independent raves about Treemap and PhotoMesa
October 2003

Allison Druin was nominated by President Bush to be a member of the National Commission on Libraries and Information Science
September 2003

The Indian Express quotes Doug Oard in an article about a DARPA program to develop rapidly deployable machine translation tools
July 2003

Allison Druin is featured in School Library Journal
June 2003

Ben Sheiderman quoted in the Baltimore Sun and in Technology Review
April 2003

Ben Bederson quoted in the The Washington Post
March 2003

Ben Bederson on new voting system technologies
Baltimore Sun, "Two study intricacies of voting machines", December 2002

Other ICDL Press Coverage
University of Maryland's Institute for Advanced Computer Studies' (UMIACS) complete list of ICDL Media Coverage

Ben Shneiderman talks with Ubiquity about his new book, Leonardo's Laptop
The magazine of the Association for Computing Machinery's interview with Dr. Shneiderman, October 2002

ComputerSweden reports on Ben Bederson's zooming interface
An article about a zoom calendar, DateLens, September 2002

Ben Bederson highlighted at the Microsoft Research Faculty Summit
Bederson's DateLens demonstrated during Bill Gates' Keynote Speech, July 2002.

The Internet Archive partners with the University of Maryland to build an Internet Library
An executive summary by the Internet Archive on the International Children's Digital Library project, May 2002

Ben Bederson's Op-ed on Electronic Voting, "Debugging Maryland Balloting", May 2002

Ben Shneiderman talks about "A Visual Rather Than Verbal Future"
An article discussing why "Ben Shneiderman doesn't think speech will ever become the main way people communicate with computers", May 2002 interview with Ben Shneiderman, Ben Bederson, and Allison Druin
HCIL Faculty members answer questions about their research studies and projects during a live online terview, May 2002.

Outlook Online report on Allison Druin and the kids research team 
An article about a visit by CASE News Media journalists as they take a "glimpse into the future of robotics and artificial intelligence", May 2002. 

The New York Times reports on the collaborative oral history archives project
An article on indexing 50,000 memories of the Holocaust. Doug Oard is one of the principal investigators at the University of Maryland who is working on the Multilingual Access to Large spoken ArCHives (MALACH) project. The project's purpose is to dramatically improve access to large multilingual collections of recorded speech in oral history archives, October 2001

The University of Maryland's Institute for Systems Research features Shneiderman-Hendler Debate on the Future of the Web
Ben Shneiderman and James Hendler debate the future of the web as the closing keynote presentation at the American Society for Information Science and Technology's 2001 Annual Meeting, November 2001

Ben Shneiderman testifies before Congress regarding a National ID System
US Public Policy Committee of the Association for Computing Machinery (USACM) documents Ben Shneiderman's testimony to the House Committee on Government Reform, November 2001

Converge features Allison Druin
An article on shapers of our future, those who deserve special recognition for their work in education and technology and their positive impact on the lives of others by Susan D. Karnovsky, August 2001

Sun Microsystems' report on PhotoMesa
An article on Ben Bederson's zoomable image browser PhotoMesa by Jon Byous, August 1, 2001

Washington Post article on AnthroTronix
An article about the AnthroTronix project by Rob Terry, July 24, 2001

ComputerWorld article on Treemap
An article about the Treemap project by Sami Lais, July 2, 2001

Baltimore Business Journal article on MusicBlocks
An article on Prof. Allison Druin's project on the award-winning toy MusicBlocks, June 28, 2001

Washington Post article about the kids team at HCIL
An article about Prof. Allison Druin's work with her kids team by Hope Katz Gibbs, June 22, 2001

ComputerWorld article on TimeSearcher
An article describing Harry Hochheiser's research with time-series data by Sami Lais, June 4, 2001

Discover Magazine article about children, computers and Storytelling Robots
An article that talks about StoryRooms and Robotic Storytelling by Paul Wallich, December 2000

NPR coverage about children and technology (featured in the morning edition of NPR)
A radio clip by Allison Druin about her work with children and why its important, November 27, 2000

New Scientist magazine article about Jazz, KidPad, and Fisheye Menus
An article summarizing the uses of Jazz, KidPad and Fisheye Menus by Anil Ananthaswamy, August 12, 2000

ComputerWorld article about Zoomable User Interfaces
An article describing Jazz and Fisheye Menus by Sami Lais, June 26, 2000

Children's technologies in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
An article about Prof. Allison Druin's work on children's technologies by Karen MacPherson, June 20, 2000

Interview with Prof. Ben Bederson
By Sun Microsystems on their Java web site about Ben's work on Zoomable User Interfaces, and Single Display Groupware by Jon Byous, September 23, 1999.

Once upon a time there was a hedgehog...
An article in the Swedish daily newspaper Dagens Nyheter about the work of Ben Bederson and Allison Druin with children by Kerstin Lundell, August 26, 1999.

Ben Shneiderman in University of Maryland, CMPS Continuum
Spring/Summer 1999 article, "Human Computer Interaction Lab: Making Computers Work Well for People", page 4.

Ben Shneiderman in Scientific American
A profile of Ben Shneiderman appeared in the March 1999 issue of Scientific American summarizing some of his recent accomplishments and ideas.

Humans Unite!
Beardsley, Tim, in Profile, Scientific American, (March 1999), p.35.

HCIL appeared on PBS
On Thursday, January 28, 1999, at 8pm, MPT presented a television segment entitled Maryland State of Mind.  It highlights HCIL Professor Allison Druin's work with children.

Article in the Baltimore Sun
An article about the work of HCIL Professors Allison Druin and Ben Bederson about their work with children appeared in the Baltimore Sun on Monday, December 21, 1998.

The Chapel Hill Herald, Expert to discuss human-computer interactions, (December 2, 1998), page 9.

Leary, Betty Lynne, Kid Input Makes the Difference in Computer Design, Outlook, (November 10, 1998) p. 3.

Quan, Margaret, Group to draw e-book standards, Electronic Engineering Times, (October 12, 1998), Page 4.

Beardsley, Tim, Getting Real?, Scientific American, (July 1998), page 36.

New York Times, Circuits, Do Computers Have to be Hard to Use?, (May 28,1998), page E1.

The Wall Street Journal, Dow Jones Online News, (April 24, 1998).

White, Michael, Expert Urges Easy-To-Use Computers, Washington Post Archives, (April 22, 1998).

Shook, Carrie, Banks that chat, and other irrelevancies, Forbes, (April 20, 1998), p. 224.

Business Wire, The Hal 9000 is a Bad Idea, (March 9, 1998).

Chapman, Gary, Viewpoints: We Are All Microsoft's Guinea Pigs, Newsday (Nassau Edition) Long Island, NY, (Feb. 23, 1998).

Sutter, Rita, Ben Shneiderman: Giving Computer Interaction Conflicts the Boot, Outlook, January 27, 1998, page 8.

Meisol,Patricia, The Virtual Parent, The Sun, (January 11, 1998), page 4H.

Corcoran, Elizabeth, Top Researchers on Five Questions Whose Answers Could Change Our Lives, Business, The Washington Post, H1, December 21, 1997.

Weise, Elizabeth, The Complex Art of Making Technology Simple, Tech Extra, USA Today, November 12, 1997.

Corcoran, Elizabeth, In Pursuit of the Display Model, Business, The Washington Post, C1, October 22, 1997.

Bank, David, From the Archives - Wall Street Journal Interactive Edition,, New Web Browsers Play Down TV-Style 'Netcasting' Approach, September 30, 1997.

Gibbs,W. Wayt, Taking Computers to Task, Scientific American, (July 1997), page 88.

Chandrasedaran, Rajiv, Across-the-Board Humanity Lesson, (May 4, 1997), page 1.

Outlook, Shneiderman to Receive Joseph Rigo Award, Vol. 11, No. 6 September 24, 1996.

Peltu, Malcolm, Holding Back the Flood, Computing, p. 40  (September 12, 1996).

Gillespie, Greg, What's hot? The NC is no PC but it could be the wave of the future in computing, the Institute (March 1996), Vol 20, no. 3, pages1 and 4.

Cohen, Charles, Opening Doors to Technology Transfer, Small Business News Washington, (February 1996), page 24.

Schwartz, John, Either Way, Humans Are Ahead in Chess Duel, The Washington Post  (February 13, 1996), A1 & A12.

OTL Showcases UMCP Research, Maryland Imagination, published by the UM Office of Technology Liaison, (Fall 1995) A Closer Look section, page 5, (photo only of Catherine Plaisant and lab)

Kellogg, Wendy A. and Thomas, John C., SigCHI Bulletin (October 1995), Vol. 27, No. 4, pps. 53-55.

Scientific American, (October 1995).

Wilson,David, Interface, Chronicle of Higher Education, (October 13, 1995), A23 & A28.

Chapman, Gary, Is the personal computer becoming passe?, Boston Globe (October 1, 1995), Innovation section.

IEEE Software, Debating WIMP at Rocky Mountain CHI, (September 1995), page101.

Houston, Patrick, The Consequences of Our Work, PC Week (August 28, 1995), page A7.

Latham, Lou, Primacy of the Screen, Matter (Gartner Group Quarterly) (Summer, 1995).

Snider, Mike, Embedded Electronics, USA Today (June 6, 1995).

Corcoran, Elizabeth, Warm and Fuzzy Logic, The Washington Post, (June 1, 1995), page C2.

Henry, Jacqueline, Asocial Interface?, Man/Machine, OEM Magazine, Vol. 3, No. 17, May 1995.

Outlook, 1994 Invention of the Year Award Winners Announced, Vol. 9, No. 30 (May 1, 1995), p. 2.

Maryland Imagination, University Spinoff Poised to Release First Product (Spring 1995) Profile, page 1.

Kyle, Jim, Ya Gotta Have an Image, Windows Tech Journal, February 1995, p. 13.

Special Report, Reach Out and Touch, Education Week, (January 11, 1995).

Dillon, Andrew, Book Review, Library and Information Science Research, Vol. 16, Number 3, 1994, p. 269.

Jenks, Andrew, U. of Md.s Research Stride, Washington Technology (December 22, 1994).

Potts, Mark, Interface-LIfts: Not Just For Looks, The Washington Post, (October 12, 1994, Business Section), and International Herald Tribune (October 14, 1994)

Sugarman, Joe, Wired, College Park Magazine, Vol. 6, No. 1, Fall 1994, p.21.

Maryland Imagination, Profile, Winsurfer Allows Visualization & Manipulation of Hard Disk, Summer 1994, p1.

Selden, Steve, What works in college teaching: A visit to the virtual reality of the future classroom - By JOVE, It's EVE, Teaching and Learning News, University of Maryland Center for Teaching Excellence, Vol. 3, No. 2, (Spring 1994).

Levin, Carol and Canter, Sheryl, Interface Pioneers March Forward, PC Magazine, Trends, Vol. 13 No. 5., (March 15, 1994).

Achenbach, Joel, Its a machine age out there, The Washington Post (March 4, 1994), Style section.

Abrams, Doug, Ben Shneiderman puts a friendlier face on computers, Washington Business Journal, week of February 4-10, 1994, p.20.

Olsen, Florence, Prof drives computers in new dimensions, Government Computer News, (January 24, 1994), page 18.

Dresser, Michael, Helping define user friendly, Baltimore Sun, (November 27, 1993), pps. 13C - 15C.

Sheppard, Sylvia and Murphy, Elizabeth D.,Celebrating a decade of joyful  innovation: HCIL's 10th Annual Symposium and Open House, ACM SIGCHI Bulletin, Vol. 25, No. 4 (October 1993), pp. 29-31.

Scearce, Kimberly, Where Interplay meets Interface, Washington Technology, Vol. 8, No. 4 (May 20, 1993), pp. 37-38.

Booker, Ellis, A new method of seeing?, Computerworld (April 5, 1993), p.38.

Hammer, Signe, The human face of computing, MetLife Perspectives on Technology: A Journal for Senior Management, Vol. 5, Nos. 1 & 2 (Fall 1992), pp. 3-6.

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